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Prompt #8
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
More Disney for you!

This is another YouTube video someone put together, this time exploring racism in Disney. Consider the video in terms of the argument it makes. What is the central argument? How is it supported? Is the video persuasive? Could it have done anything differently to be more successful? Consider both the content of the argument and the actual style and set-up of the video.


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The central argument of this video is the racism in Disney characters. The author is very organize in his argument since he numbers every single of the movies he is going to discuss from the least bad to the worst example of racism. He starts with Aladdin’s theme song that which had to be change because it accused the Middle East of being cruel and inhuman. Also, explains how African-Americans are negatively portrait in many these movies such as, The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, the Jungle Book, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Song of the South and Thursday from Mickey Mouse. For example, when Sebastian sings Under the Sea both the soul player and the small black fish, which have black features, agree with his idea because they don’t have to work under the sea. Also, In Dumbo the uneducated Jim Crow is the leader of the jive-talking crows. Yes, his name is Jim Crow just like the segregation laws enacted between 1876 and 1965, which imposed “separate but equal” public facilities for whites and black. When the movie Song of the South had it premiere in 1946 in Atlanta James Baskett the author that played Remus was not allow to attend because he was black. According to our author the worst example of racism In Disney is in Thursday from Mickey Mouse were Mickey basically says that black people is dumb and whites are superior. This video is persuasive but I would have shown some scenes from the movies to make his point stronger and some of these movies weren’t very popular or never release to home DVD. Also some of his slides have too much information for only three seconds the author should have given more time for some of them.

Disney is slightly racist

The central argument is that Disney is a slightly racist in its movies. Although, it is just kid films if you look close enough they are indeed some racist things Disney says. The author supports his claim with actual shots taken from said movies and giving us more of his/her opinion.The video is supportive to me as a viewer. He/she could have made the video a little slow because I would have to reveerse and pause the video in some cases because it was just too fast.

The central argument portrayed in this video is that several Disney movies contain racism in some form. The creator supports his claim with evidence from nine popular Disney movies in an increasingly important series. The creator starts with #9 being the original theme song from Aladdin and describes its racism towards the culture of the Middle East then states that the song was changed. From there it files through movies such as Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, and many more. Finally the #1 Disney portrayal of racism was in a Mickey Mouse book with the character of Thursday. Thursday was displayed as an unintellectual and a servant to Mickey. However though there is valid evidence to support the creator's claim, their method fails quite epically. The slides contained to much information and could not have been read and comprehended quick enough. They could have slowed down the slides and incorporated video of the movies. On the other hand the author could have used voice-over to keep the viewer from having to read and focus on the recalling the videos or books.

The central argument in this video is that most Disney movies show blatant racism. The creator supports this claim by providing quotes and analysis of nine popular Disney movies. He uses movies such as Aladdin, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid in order to prove how certain characters are "slightly racially insensitive". The video is fairly persuasive, but doesn't make me feel any differently about Disney movies. They are still the classic, feel good cartoons I will always enjoy. Also, I don't think the young children whom these movies are made for would ever notice or be able to comprehend these hidden ideas about racism (I definitely never did). However, the creator was successful in terms of finding and analyzing the information.
The style and set-up of the video could have been much better. The frames went by too quickly and it was difficult to read and remember claims being made. I also expected to see clips of the movies along with the pictures, which would have made the video more interesting.

The central argument of this video is the racism in Disney movies. To prove the racism the video has quotes and details from the top 9 movies. The video is persuasive but still I love these movies. When I was little I never noticed this and I am sure kids still don't notice. I did not like the set up of this video. Everything went to fast, I had to pause some of it to finish reading. Also, I thought clips of the movies would go along with the readings to give it an even better argument.

The central argument in this video is racism in Disney channel shows and characters. The maker of the video puts together nine different disney shows to prove that the disney channel is racist. The author of this video proves his argument through different shots and pictures from the show. The shows go in order from the least offensive to the most offensive. I don't think this is a good way of putting a video together because its the audiences' oppinion about which show is more offensive than another. I think the author's argument would have been stronger if he/she showed clips from the shows. By only showing pictures, the audience couldn't hear how the characters sounded, which was the authors argument in many of the shows. Also, it was almost impossible to read the slides explaining the argument because they were moving so fast. I had to pause the video in order to read it. The author should have talked to the audience to make the video more successful.

The central theme of this video was racism in Disney. I have seen most of these movies as a little kid and didn't feel offended I just enjoyed the movie, for this reason, these movies were intended for yound children not 40 year olds with nothing better to do than find problem with a Disney kids movie. This video didn't persuade me in any way, maybe if they would have taken clips from the video's to relate it to, it would have, but all I have to relate to is my childhood memories of these classic Disney movies.

The main argument present in this short video is the "obvious" racism throughout past Disney movies. As a kid born in the 90's I had heard, or watched, only about half of the movies mentioned, even though I was not a "deprived child." This fact ended up weakening the video's argument as a whole. The author used a lot of quotes to prove his or her point in the video. Followed by the author's own opinion, which at some points contained humor. The video slides roll by quite quickly and considering that some people are slow readers, myself being one, I could not read the slides in a smooth motion since I had to pause the video several times. This detracted from the flow of arguments. However, the points made in the video all had valid sources and made an accurate argument. All-in-all, the video persuaded me to believe that there is racism in these Disney movies, also it made me think racism is present in all things.

The central argument of the video is that although Disney’s movies may seem kid friendly, it actually has many hidden messages about racism. To prove and support his point that many of Disney’s movies are slightly racist, the author first explains the racist act in each of the nine movies, and then he provides a quote from each of the movies which provides more support. To me the video was slightly persuasive because he did provide evidence to support his claim but in some cases, I didn’t understand the evidence he was providing.

Well, the author's central argument is clearly seen in that they are trying to show many examples of how Disney tries to incorporate racist ideologies in past movies. The author supports his claims with both video clips and comments that correlate accurately as far as what I can see. The video is very persuasive in what it is depicting. I really would not have thought of some the things presented in my childhood and I don't think this would be true of any child whom the movies are made for. But it definitely persuaded me to even think of the more recent movies by disney and racist ideas that are present. The author could have presented the commentary clips better in allowing the viewer time to actually read all of the comments. I think it was not really made to be formal being some of comments of the author like, "Congratulations, you're an idiot" made it seem as though the author does not really care if his opinion is taken seriously. He might have been trying to be really funny in order to balance out the fact that he was presenting offensive material. Though I was inclined to research these claims for myself seeing as though the video was very informal. It was not a complete disaster though and it has a clear argument that will get viewers inclined to watch it thoroughly.

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