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v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #10
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Our next unit has to do with internet culture - how it's used, why we use it, what it's good for, and what problems it may pose. Potential topics include: Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, and viral marketing. I'm open to other suggestions.

I'd like the unit to fit your interests as much as possible. So tell me:

-what do you use the internet for on a daily basis?
-how do you think freedom of speech and expression function on the internet? is it positive or negative?
-what would you be most interested in discussing in class regarding the internet and how we use it?

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-On a daily basis I use the internet for communication purposes: email, facebook etc. Then there's always school related assignments online- registration, research etc.
-Freedom of speech and expression on the internet has its disadvantages and advantages. On the plus side, the internet has become one of the top sources of entertainment today. (hulu, facebook, fmylife) It also keeps you connected to friends and family on a global scale. The internet however, can have its downsides. The virtual persona that everyone has online can't always be trusted-a friend request from 17 year old Ashley could really be a friend request from Bob, the 53 year old psycho. Gamer ( with Gerard Butler) is a good representation of what can go wrong internet wise. Also, since your opinions are put on a global scale they're up for global scrutiny- have you actually scrolled down and read the comments under a youtube video? Lets just say the internet gives people a chance to be opinionated and some take it a bit too far.
-I'd be interested in discussing Twitter. Sometimes I wish I knew how to understand what they're trying to say- whats up with the @ signs?

The internet is the most vital source in most people activities. Whether its used for communication purposes, shopping, or even research. I spend most of my surfing hours on Facebook, Gator-WebMail,23isback.com(shoe site), and Google.

Freedom of speech functions on the internet when users share the statuses and tweets to other friends and associates. With these methods, not only does communication become humorous but also hazardous! Some users may misconscrew your opinion and quickly become offended or insults.

Well as of recently its been for horrible online homework assignments, but USUALLY, I general check my email, look up funny videos, google a lot of stuff. i.e. homework equations/answers.
I believe the same rules should still apply but some sites dont go by that at all. Some dont allow certain videos/ blogs or something because its too offensive. While the people posting them believe it is their right to post them.
How google has soooo many answers!! ha.

I use the internet mostly for homework or just mess around on it, like if I am bored. When I am bored I go on you tube or play games. I believe in freedom of speech but I feel like people abuse the privilege of having the freedom of speech. It is common sense when it comes to what you know you should say and what is inappropriate to say. I think some people just bring things up so they can get a rise out of others. It can be positive and negative just depending on how it is used.I guess I would be interested in talking about how the internet has become so advanced and it is useful for everything.When ever you need research something you can just go on the internet and find out about it.

Honestly on a daily basis I would the internet for facebook of course. That would have to be the number one reason followed by checking my email. UF emails me so much information regarding different events taking place or items that need to be turned in to different offices to stay up to date with my record that it wouldn’t be wise to not check it on a daily.
I think freedom of speech and expressions function on the internet in many different ways. For example blogging, there would be bloggers who would about a movie whether they enjoyed it or not. For those who did not enjoy it chances are there would be profanity in their blogs which is them expressing their freedom of speech. Another example could be Facebook and leaving comments on people’s page. I feel that it is either positive or negative because freedom of speech entitles you to voice how you feel whether if it’s good or bad.
In class I would like to discuss how we rely on the internet so much that when we don’t have it for a limited time it seems as if it is a major problem.

I use the internet for various activities such as checking my e-mail and facebook, homework and research, downloading movies and music, and procrastinating by watching ridiculous videos on youtube. I sometimes watch some shows online such as Heroes or play some games to distract myself from homework or studying. Many people comment on videos on youtube to express how they feel towards that specific video whether it is criticizing it or appreciating it. This is a positive aspect of the internet because it gives anyone a chance to say what they want and practice their freedom of speech and expression.

I check my email on a daily basis. I love to get mail from my family, and pictures from home. I usually check my facebook account everyday to keep in touch with old and far away friends. For homework, I usually use google on a daily basis as well. The internet is used in both a positive and negative way when dealing with freedom of speech. There are so many useful and educational sites, however there are also very disgusting and out of line sites on the internet as well. Overall, I think that freedom of speech is used in a positive way on the internet. Information can be shared, making the world a smarter and more efficient place. I really like youtube and effect its had on society. It is easy to be a quick celebrity if you are witty, funny, amazing, or stupid...just put it on youtube for the world to see. I would love to discuss how youtube has changed society.

I use the internet on a daily basis to get informed on what music comes out mostly. I also love to go on Craigslist.org to see how much people are selling their cars for. But the number one reason I get on the internet is to learn about cars, specially my car. You wouldn't believe how many times my car broke down, and from searching and researching online I was able to fix it my self 99.9% of the times saving me thousands in mechanics.
Freedom of speech is unstoppable on the internet. A great example of this is Facebook, here people write whatever is on their minds as many times as they like. Although you are expressing yourself, the only people you affect are those who actually decide to check your online page.
I would be really interested on discussing the positive and negative aspects of facebook, myspace and twitter...

On a daily basis I use the internet to check my email, look at the surf report, look at how my favorite sports teams are doing, and to do homework. I occasionally go on the internet to check my facebook. Freedom of speech is huge on the internet. Every website that I go on has a place where you can place your opinion. Facebook is by far the most popular website to place your opinion on. People state how they are feeling, where they are, inside jokes, and plenty of other ideas they come up with. I would be most interested in discussing youtube because everyone can relate to it.

On a daily basis i mostly use the internet to check my email and Facebook. Since most of my classes has assignments online, I mainly use the internet to do my work and study.

How freedom of speech and expression function on the internet is a negative thing in my opinion. If a person would go and read all the Youtube comments that people would post, the person will see a lot of foul language that are being use against the video.

what we can talk about in class regarding in the interent and how we use it, is Youtube and Facebook. It's a site that everyone go to almost everyday. Discussing what we use it and relate to it.

- on a daily basis, I use the internet for social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Its a nice way to keep connected. I also use it for school, tons of research is found on the internet at an extremely fast rate.
- the internet has its pros and cons. Pros would be the efficiency and effectiveness of the net. You can find absolutely anything on line, and if you're a college student, it's a great way to do research. But everything has a negative consequence and the internet is no different. With social networking sites, stalking is no big deal. Also some people get way too addicted to the internet, especially kids who disregard life in its entirety in order to chat on Aim with their friends. Free speech is always abused and people post a lot of disrespectful garbage on the internet. I can understand that we are all entitled to our opinion, but people don't have to disrespect others to get a point across. Free speech is definitely abused in life and on the internet.
- I'd like to dive deep into how society has become so dependent on the internet. Everything is found online now and it makes me think that we will eventually become a robotic society.

Daily, I use the internet for facebook and email. I like to use facebook to stay connected to my friends from other schools or even those that go to UF but I don't get to see very often. Also, I receive countless emials daily from teachers and my sorority so I am always using my webmail.

Freedom of speech on the interent is both good and bad. For many, using the internet is a way to express his or her feelings. However, sometimes expressing your own opinions can be offensive, especially when using the internet becuase the context of the text can be unsure.

In class, I would be most interested in discussing facebook and the use of wikipedia and its credibility. Also, I would like to discuss why society is so dependent on the internet.

I typically use the internet for homework or facebook. I find their to be a lot of racial insults on the computer. I'm not sure if people are actually offended by them or not or if they laugh it off. For example, bumper stickers on facebook contain offensive comments I think sometimes. I think it would be interesting to discuss facebook because it has taken over social networking.

The internet has become another way of communicating to world and it is a daily activity. Usually, I check my Facebook about four to five times a day, visit Youtube to view funny clips of people, and look up new music. Freedom of speech and expression on the internet function both positively and negatively. The internet allows individuals to express their minds in ways the couldn't in public without being scrutinized. However, it also allows those individuals to possibly cross the line, making statements that are extremely bold and offensive. The internet is a great resource, but how did it exactly start? I'm interested in how exactly the internet began and where it is going, what is the future of the internet?

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