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Prompt #11
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
If someone were to tell you that Facebook is a complete waste of time, meaningless, and superficial, how might you argue otherwise? And if you agree, argue your case as well.

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Facebook is not a complete waste of time. It helps you keep in touch with your friends from high school when you all go your different ways. It also helps you reconnect with friends you haven't talked to in a long time. Yes some people might waste too much time on it and obsess over it but that does not make it meaningless and superficial as long as you are making the most out of it.

I would argue that although the majority of people do waste too much time on Facebook, there are some that do actually use it purposefully. It helps people stay in contact with distant relatives and long-lost high school friends. Facebook has alot of useful aspects as well, such as the event calendars. It is also helps you find out what your friends are doing for the night and what the plans are. This is not to say that I always use it in this way; I do tend to waste time on Facebook myself, it is a great distractor.

Facebook has many useful purposes and is not just a waste of time, meaningless, superficial website. Facebook can be used to stay connected with both friends and family members. The instant messenger tool is very useful when trying to make plans with friends. Also, Facebook reminds you of upcoming birthdays or events.
I do agree that some are addicted to Facebook and check it way to often, however, its a very convenient and fast way to stay connected.

Facebook can be used to waste time and to take a break from work but it does have useful purposes. I found cousins who've I haven't seen since I was 1. I obviously do not know what they looked like at that age but it was nice to now be able to talk to them daily. Facebook also gives me the ability to talk to friends who have moved 1000mi away, my friend who are in different colleges and even friends who I see daily. Facebook does not only give me the ability to talk with cousins who've I haven't seen or spoke to in years but it also gives me a little bit of information about them too. The biographies tell me a little about them which I then can start to create a relationship. Facebook also has this ability where I can make plans as well as keep me updated with upcoming events.

Facebook and other pages similar to it at first seem like a good way of keeping in touch with people. If you move, are on vacation, or are a busy person you can still keep in touch with your friends. But then people get addicted to it. They check it more than once a day, and when they have online homework, or have to write an essay, they get distracted in Facebook. So instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing, they waste their time playing games, talking to other people, or simply just looking at their friend's pages.

I would say first and foremost that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I feel that Facebook has its benefits which are networking, keeping up with family and friends that are not close, and events that could be taking place. For example, my aunts and cousin that live in Jamaica keep in contact with me everyday via Facebook. I am capable of seeing pictures of them along with pictures of my grandmother who I have not seen in months. Another example would be to locate someone you have not spoken to in a long time; like a middle school friend. Overall Facebook is what you make of it.

Facebook is a social networking sight that helps to keep many people, around the world, in touch with one another. It has just recently started expanding like a wildfire, and presumably it is very helpful. The sight itself helps to communicate by just the touch of some keys and a button. It can be used negatively, but at the same time it is very convenient for many organizations to do investigation. Including the judicial system, future employers and universities likewise use them for researching potential students. I believe Facebook has many pro's that definitely out-weight the con's.

If someone was to tell me that Facebook was a total waste of time, I would strongly argue against their statement. For one, Facebook is used as more than just a tool for superficial observations. Sure, some people abuse the website by being on it all day looking at other people's profiles and playing pointless, time consuming games. One can always look for negatives in life but it is best to look at the positives that this website offers. It used to be used only by college students but now it is being utilized by people of all ages. My parents have Facebook and I do not have a problem with that. Through Facebook, they are able to communicate with family members who live in Nicaragua and with friends that they left behind in Costa Rica. I also am able to communicate with aunts, uncles, and cousins that live in Nicaragua through Facebook. I can also use Facebook to keep in contact with friends that I had in high school that I no longer see on a daily basis. Facebook, in moderation, can be used as a tool to connect with others who you may not know. It also opens people's eyes to major issues in the world. For example, groups are formed that raise awareness to issues such as world hunger and poverty. These groups call on its members to act and donate supplies. Facebook is not a waste of time if used properly and for the right reasons.

"Your a waste of time!"

If someone told me that Facebook was a waste of time, I would TRY to respond as kindly as possible. Facebook was not designed for people to sit on there for hours at a time, but of course some of us do. Facebook is a social networking site, what that means is that it was created to keep people in touch. That's what I use Facebook for. Therefore, to me it's definitely NOT a waste of time. Its more of the "glue" to my relationships with loved ones that are far away.

Facebook is a social network to keep in touch with your old buddies and friends..
Although people might say its a waste of time, it can be use to update important information.
To keep in touch with my scholarship that i have, i would need facebook because most of the updates of events are there that i have to attend too for me to be able to retain my scholarship..

Facebook, like everything else, can be considered a waste of time because it just depends on how it is used. For example, if you just use it play farmville all day and forget about your studies and homework, that is most definitely a waste of time. However, if you are to use it for social networking purposes, what is was meant for originally when it started in Harvard in 2004, it can be used for many purposes such as keeping in touch with friends and family.

I would have to completely disagree with their statement. Yes, some people make facebook a complete waste of time but for others it is much more than that. For example, facebook can be used to keep in touch with distant family or distant friends. If you have out of state or even out of country family, you can keep in touch via facebook. In addition to just keeping connected with family, you also can keep connected with your close friends and never be out of the know. It's as simple as sending a message, facebook iming them, or posting on their wall to see what they're doing or what is going on. Even though some people do make facebook look bad and like a waste of time, there is very little about it that is negative. Being able to keep in touch with distant family and old friends is definitely a reason facebook is not a waste of time.

Practicality of Facebook

If someone had the nerve to tell me that Facebook is a COMPLETE waste of time. I would definitely have to disagree with them. While for some people Facebook is a complete waste of time for others it is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family that may not be in close proximity. In other words, there is way more to the importance of Facebook than applications that consume all of someone's time. The fact that you can reestablish lost friendships, in itself is a very useful tool. It is much easier to enter search criteria in Facebook than to call every phone number in the yellow pages. With all the hype surrounding how we should become environmentally friendly, the fact is that Facebook is actually quite eco-friendly. Rather than sending or printing extra copies of pictures to give to friends and family you can simply "tag" them and they have full access to the picture. Facebook is also useful in that it reminds you of family and friend's birthdays or other events coming up so you don't end up in the doghouse. Therefore while there are some people who give Facebook a bad reputation, there are many who use it for its convenience of keeping in touch with others.

Facebook is waste of time

Even though I personally have a facebook, I believe it is a waste of time. People spends hours on end giving people awards, giving people bumper stickers, playing stupid games, and taking ridiculous quizzes that in the long run really do not matter. Instead of wasting your 2 hours on facebook you could use 75% of that time to study( :D )... Also there are crazy people that stalk others on facebook and could potentially be a convicted rapist that tries to meet up with innocent little girls.

Besides all the bad things I believe the only benefit to facebook is the communication factor. Use can send messages out to thousands of people in an instant, either inviting them to a party or getting them to join your club. Also using facebook as a long distance relationship tool for my friends has been really helpful. My best friend goes to the Naval Academy and he cannot use his cellphone all the time so facebook on his laptop is a great way to talk to his girlfriend.

Facebook is a social network to keep in touch with your old friends and family even when they are far away. It can be a very useful tool if and only if you use it well. If someone tells you it is a complete waste of time don’t listen to them. They are probably unable to manage their time well and get distracted very easily. Yes, it can be very distracting and time consuming, but if you can resist the temptation of being online all the time 24/7 it is a great way to communicate information to thousands of people.

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