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Prompt #12
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
If Tyler Durden made use of the internet for Fight Club and Project Mayhem, how would he do it? How would he inform and recruit people? How would he give out assignments? How we keep updated with what his group members are up to? Would he be more or less successful and yield similar or different results? How would the story change if conducted this way? Think not so much in terms of Tyler and the narrator as character but Fight Club and Project Mayhem as social groups and movements.

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www.fightclub.com/projectmayhem (made up website)

If Tyler Durden were to use the internet he could make a homepage. for example, www.projectmayhem.com. On the website he could have a contact us information, where people who were intrested could simply apply and send in photos or information they needed to know to screeen people who wanted to get in the club. Also on the website they could have all the information, on a calendar feature they could have all the events going to happen and when, and on the event listing it could even tell the members who was in the opt. Assignments could be sent to accounts on the website, like a email through their homepage, and checked on the calendars.
This approach can be successful in the sense that he could reach people in India, and Iran. So he could get much more followers, but the followers would not be so intouch with Tyler, so he would lose the ability to lure people during conversation, so it might be a larger group but scattered and unorganized. The whole story would be different if he ran everything from the internet. The place where most of the scenes would take place would be Tyler at his computer, messaging people and updating the website(what a thrill to watch haha)

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