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Prompy #14
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
When do you think the line between reality and virtual reality is crossed? When can cyberspace become too real, or too much of a replacement for "real" life? When does the internet become unhealthy or dangerous?

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The difference between reality and virtual reality is that virtual reality is a dream and reality is was actually happens. In an online game, World of War Craft, people create characters and complete quests in a virtual reality (a dream or fake land). In reality this land does not exist. I think the line between the two is when someone says the phrase "what if." What if a giant T-rex came out of the forest and ate me. Obviously this an extreme exaggeration but you can see that this is never going to happen. Only in a virtual reality could this happen.

The internet could be an extremely dangerous place to anyone. You could be surfing the web and instantly download a virus onto your computer crashing it and deleting all of your files. Another danger is that you could become addicted to online games such as World of War Craft. Using the internet for checking email is something that is not unhealthy.

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