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Prompy #14
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
When do you think the line between reality and virtual reality is crossed? When can cyberspace become too real, or too much of a replacement for "real" life? When does the internet become unhealthy or dangerous?

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line between cyberspace

When I think the line between reality and virtually is crossed is when two people can fall in love with one another without having physical contact with that particular person in general. Yes they may have similar traits and interests, but that can be the downfall and cause harm.
Ever heard of little girls getting raped/killed because of pedophiles roaming chat rooms. Well it happened several times where the innocent girl is deceived by the pedophile and really falls in love with him.. Later on the pedophile would arrive at the innocent girl's house and raped her along with killing her family..
That is where the internet can go too far because it can cause harm to other people that can involve death.

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