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Prompy #14
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
When do you think the line between reality and virtual reality is crossed? When can cyberspace become too real, or too much of a replacement for "real" life? When does the internet become unhealthy or dangerous?

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----------------- Its not a thin line!

The line between reality and virtual reality is a bold one. You cross it or you dont. Many people like to incorperate their real lives into something called "virtual reality." But in reality, its NOT REALITY! Virtual reality is a made up term that gives people an exucse to act in a way different from how they usually act. This "virtual" term is just used to hide their real identity in the cyberspace of the internet. When they are sitting at their computer, they are known as SexyGurl0901, but in the office their simply Jane Doe, who probally is'nt so sexy. By simply allowing yourself to create this other identity, this is how many people allow the internet (and chat rooms) to take over their life. And when it takes over, you might as well check yourself in to rehab because the internet is a tough habit to break, especially when it plays such a major role in our life today.

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