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v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #15
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
The readings for Wednesday offer views of how YouTube and the Internet provide the opportunity for anyone to be a star - or an anti-star. Find a video on YouTube - one that you're already familiar with or something new - that has gained the creator attention (ie. lots of views and comments). What does the video contain? What is its purpose? How does the creator describe the video in the information? What are the responses like? Does the creator respond to the responses and how so?

The video can have to do with anything - from World of Warcraft freakouts to pranks or political manifestos - surf around and see what you find. I'll most likely choose some from your responses to view and discuss in class.

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I chose the video “shoes” by Lium Sullivan. The video depicts twins, one male and one “female”, who just received gifts from their parents for the birthday. While the male is happy with his gift, the “female” is upset that she didn’t receive the shoes that she wanted. As a result, she goes around town looking for shoes with her friends. I think this video was created for entertainment purposes until it received worldwide recognition. In late 2006, his video went viral on youtube and in 2007 it won the People's Choice Award for "Favorite User-Generated Video." Although most of the viewers think that the video is hilarious and enjoyable, there are a few others that disagree. One viewer even said that the video isn’t worth all those views.


The Amazing Racist was a youtube video that I was introduced to a few years ago, the creator has several video's. In his first video he picks up illegal mexican's and tells them he has work for them and they jump in his truck, he then pulls up to the INS building and turns his alarm on, the illegal's take off running and the creator lays on the ground laughing. My first responce to this was, I laughed, but I'm sure a lot of people would be offended by this video. The purpose of this vidoe was only intended to make people laugh.

David After Dentist

I picked the video "David After Dentist." David a 7 year old boy had to go to the dentist to get a tooth removed. Once David woke up from the anastasia this video was taped by his father outside the dentist office . This video was strictly created for entertainment. Most of the viewers raved about how hilarious it was and that every time they watch it they lose it.


Bo Yo Rap is about a teenager, about 18-19 years old, who raps about random stuff. The purpose of this video is to get people interested in his raps and to make people laugh. Bo Yo is a white rapper who speaks in proper english. This is not common for a rapper. Bo Yo tells people not to judge him based on his color in the rap. His rap is extremely funny. It has over 10 million views which is a lot for a youtube video. A lot of the responses say that he is really funny, and pretty good for a white rapper. Other people say that Bo Yo is gay and to take the video down. The creator does not respond to the comments.

The YouTube video I chose was "Funny Pranks" by funnyd00ds. This video has nearly one and a half million views already. It also has over two thousand comments. The video contains two normal guys performing the same prank over and over again. The prank is the invisible rope prank. In this prank, one person stands on either side of the street and pretends like they are holding a rope that extends across the street. When a car approaches, the person driving does not know what to do. Should the driver stop because there is supposedly a rope there in the way or should the driver continue through? It is funny to see how people react to the situation. The purpose of this video is definitely to entertain the audience by performing a harmless prank. In the information box, the creator describes the video as an "EXTREMELY FUNNY Prank" and says it is the first version produced. The responses say that the prank is very funny and to keep posting videos. They also say that the music is good. Another comment says that this particular viewer has also done this prank with his friends. The creator does not respond to the comments.

Ryan Higa and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi started a youtube channel during their high school years that had many "how to" videos, like "how to be emo" and "how to be a gangster". These videos were mainly for entertainment purposes. It started as just two guys with a video camera goofing off, and turned into a large channel with large subscribers and fans. The nigahiga channel is the number one subscribed youtube channel of all time with millions of viewers around the world. The creators were even offered roles for feature length films. Basically, their goofy youtube videos made them famous.

There is a series of videos on youtube by the same creator entitled Autotune the News. It is a video of popular news reporters giving news comments but it is set to hip hop music and it sounds like they are singing. It is very clever and takes a lot of time and talent to put together a video like this. It is so time consuming to make sure pitches and keys sound right together and find the right news clips to use. The comments on Autotune the news are very positive, commenting on funny and witty parts and making fun of the media. The creator doesn't respond to the comments, but generally for these videos, the feedback is positive and the audience is looking for more. I like this video because it shows talent with audio and visual equipment, while also cracking jokes on the media.

The video Frozen Grand Central by ImprovEverywhere has 19,412,928 views. Why does it attract some many people? The answer would be that people like watching things that are entertaining, funny or new. This video is about a flash mob in Grand Central that froze at the same time. The people that didn't know about it were confused in seeing so many people not moving. This was funny because one of the workers in the station couldn't pass the mob, and he kept using the radio to find out what was going on. The comments made on this video are positive, people just mention how cool, funny and awesome it is.Also there are other 83 videos made by the same people. Now the owner of the channel has a book, a dvd that people can buy, a twitter account, facebook (so people can find out when the next video comes out).

How could one discuss popular videos on YouTube without discussing a video that strikes a bell in most UF student's memory. Does the phrase "Don't Tase Me Bro" ring a bell to anyone? While there are many YouTube videos depicting this incident, by far the most popular is that shot by Kyle Mitchell of The Gainesville Sun. The video is entitled "University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry Forum" and has received over 4 million views. The video shows how UF student Andrew Meyer was arrested and tasered at a campus forum after questioning Senator John Kerry on September 17th in 2007. The forum was set up by the group ACCENT at UF to give students the opportunity to question Sen. Kerry. As a journalism major, Meyer was simply asking the tough questions as any journalist would do, when the police responded. AFter constant battle and Meyer screaming "What did I do", he was charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. Although Meyer had a right to resist arrest in that he did nothing constitutionally wrong. In fact, John Kerry was actually going to answer Meyer's questions and even asked the police to stop. The purpose of the video was to show an account of this highly controversial and publicized arrest that took occurred. With nearly 55,000 comments it is highly apparent there are two sides to the issue. The majority of responses deal with the issue of whether UFPD were correct to arrest Meyer due to his "aggressive" nature of questions? Or were they completely out of line, violating his freedom of speech, and using excessive force?

The Video:

A youtube video that has gained a ton of attention is Charlie Bit My Finger Again. This video has two babies in a walker and Charlie keeps on biting the baby's finger in the back. The purpose of the video is to be funny and the video achieves this. It is so funny because usually babies cry when they feel pain but this baby just laughs and says Charlie bit me. Since this video is so funny there are many responses. Most of the responses are about how the babies are so cute. I believe the creator of the video does respond to a response by saying he has more than just this video and other people should watch them.

POV: Guy Stuck in History Class

A video that has created a lot of laughter and attention is the video known as "POV: Guy Stuck in History Class". The purpose of this video is explain how the "average" guy acts in a class when bored. The video contains the POV, point of view, of a college student in a boring History class and we can hear all of his thoughts. This is what makes the video effective, it appeals to the viewer through comedy. The responses to this comedy are of course citations of funny quotes made during the video and just overall enjoyment of the video itself. It is a very funny video and worth watching!!


This video is actually is from the South African Idol, similar to our American Idol. The video contains a clip of the audition of one girl who remixes the song "Killing Me Softly" by the Refugees. It's purpose was to give people entertainment even though for the wrong reason. The entertainment is not from how great she sings but it is from how terrible she is in singing and how she dances to the song. The judges even say that she is a great enetertainer and not a singer. One especially notes that her audition will be put on the youtube website after its showing on television and sure enough here we are watching it.The creator describes it to be "the funniest South African contestant... even though she looks cute." I am pretty sure that the contestant is now recognizable by many in her hometown or atleast by many Americans has it had 823,258 views not to mention many other creators who posted the same video had similar numbers of viewers. The responses included either people leaving comments laughing at her or feeling sorry for her and saying they would have broken down if it were them. The author did not really respond to the comments as there were 2173 of them but I found one by her after the video was recently posted. It was a response to some asking more specific details on the girl in the video.

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