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Prompt #16
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Where do you see technology going in the next 10 years? How will our methods of communication and entertainment be affected? How do you see it changing already? What would you like to see happen (this can be fantastical/unrealistic)?

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Technology has come a long way, but i believe it still has a far way to go. Everything s going to be hand held and able to do so many things in seconds. I feel like technology advancements are never ending, there are so many things that can be improve or even done. We will have the ability to talk others around the world, but the english language is starting to diminish in the sense that abbreviations are being made in order to communicate with people in a fast ad efficient manner. I would like to see mirrors that are responsive to you. Like you would be able ask it questions about your appearance and it would give you an honest answer.

Our ways of communicating are so advanced. We can communicate through phones, video, and websites. It's hard to imagine another way to communicate. I think throughout the years the technology we already have will start to become more updated and high tech. We'll have phones you can video chat on, websites when you can be talking to many people at different times and many other opportunities. What I would love to see happen is a teleporting machine. I would love to be somewhere and then to the other side of the globe in a matter of seconds. It would be extremely convenient.

I thinks its scary the way technology is starting to effect our lives. When i was growing up in Argentina we didnt have cellular phones, i just used to ride my bike up to my friends house and knock on their door. about 6 years ago cellulars became really popular, so people started calling their friends before knocking on their house, now with facebook and all that stuff we dont even talk to our friends we just write to them, and then they write back. Now, what I think is really scary here is how people are spending less face time every day. People are letting the technology do all the work for them, and imagine in maybe 20 years when we dont even have to write anymore and the pc just updates our thoughts into the PC without us getting close to the computer, imagine the time when we wont have to leave home to live a fully functional life, a time where technology starts to control us instead of us controlling them, "the Matrix"...jk haha, no but for real its scary.

Technology in the next ten years will be more advanced and out of this world. Such things that people will never believe but take a look at this http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20091102/od_nm/us_hotel
If that is a successful project, then probably more advanced projects will be made in the next ten years..
People getting put in a rocket to get shoot up into space to arrive at the space hotel sounds absurd. The world is making its change at a sow progress already making prototype of flying cars.
Last week I believe NASA launched a rocket to the moon to start the construction of the next launch to Mars. If that becomes successful and there is really life on Mars, then people will be drawn to start a new life there.
This may be the conspiracy about 12/21/12 (end of the world)

In the next 10 years, the technological advances we will see are going to be mind-blowing. I mean if you think about it, how much has technology changed over the last 5 years, not even 10. Through this drastic change in technology over the last 5-10 years our forms of communication have adapted and changed to be filtered through the use of technology. Everything is easier to get in contact with and people are easier to get a hold of. Entertainment also advanced over this time with Hi-Def TV, Tivo and things of that nature. The methods of communication and entertainment will continue within the next 10 years and the advancement of technology to become more available and life-simplifying. What I would like to see happen would be some sort of time travel machine, like if you wanted to relive a moment or fast forward to the future to see what was going to happen. That would be pretty cool.

Our lives now a days are very dependent on technology, such as computers and cell phones. In the next ten years, I believe almost everything will be run by technology. In the future, communication with others around the globe will be much easier. Phones and computers will be capable of much more in the years to come. Also, I think soon everthing will be live online, we will no longer have a need to watch the television for the nightly news. Already, with the use of Skype we are able to communicate with others around the world. I would like to see some type of teleportation.

I see technology advancing further than our wildest imaginations. Maybe vehicles that floats in the air or teleportation. I feel that maybe there will be the use of holographs more frequently so that people would feel they are actually in the presence of those they are speaking too, verses over the computer or on the phone. I see it changing because I remember the days when phones had cord lines and then it became cordless. And I also remember when IM-ing was very popular, but now most people are using Skype to communicate. I honestly would love teleportation for the fact that I am very lazy and sometime distances can be a hassle.

Technology is going to keep developing because people are becoming more innovative every day. The methods of communication are going to be more intricate and more difficult to operate. In the case of entertainment one could see the change of technology in the constant advancement of the video game industry, and in the case of the methods of communication one could perceive the technological change in the innovation of cell phones, which contain new features as they are newly created. In the future I would like to be able to teleport to anywhere in the universe.

The Future of Technology

In the next ten years, technology will advance into a brand new world and cyberspace will essentially upgrade to version 2.0. The way we communicate, work, and view the world around us will be completely reinvented. As we enter the 'Jeston" Era, we will encounter computers that require the energy of a lightbulb and the space of mousepad. Cars emissions will benefit the environment by emitting pure water rather than harmful carbon monoxide. When we communicate to our loved ones, rather than bluetooth with our cell phones, we will communicate through watches, being our phones, that would allow us to video chat holographically at our leisure. Our entertainment will be a new experience, adding more dimensions than ever before. Concerts will be able to be simulated in our living rooms and game counsels will become our "surrogate". Artificial Intelligence will expand rapidly and eventually tasks such as pumping gas into our vehicles will become the job of robots. In the future, I would like to see teleportation become an everyday mode of transportation and being able to visit the past would be neat as well.

Technology has changed in many ways from how we communicate with others to how we find many things on the internet to shopping and managing your bank account. As for communicating we have gone from house phones to cell phones. Another thing is from standard mail to e-mail and from using web cam next thing u know we will have teleporting machines that gives us the ability to get from one place to another in seconds. There will be many advances in the future that we still do not know but we can say that this is just the beginning of era of the advancing of technology.

Ten years from now technology will go far, but it will still have a lot to go from there. As far as technology goes, i definitely think the possibilities are endless, as if we can do anything. How big will phones be? Will television sets even exist, or will everything be found strictly online? Ten years from now, facebook and twitter will be things of the past, and a new websites will dominate social networking

I think communication will be done even more conveniently than it already is. Skype allows us to video chat, but its as if our friends will be icons on our desktop. Click, and you can automatically have instant communication. Maybe cell phones will allow us to do communications through videos as well. I'm wouldn't know where to creatively invent a new type of communication, but i definitely think ten years from now, someone will create a new form of communication that will surpass the way we use the world wide web today.

I see technology going as far as teleportation machines!! More or less, thats actually what I would like it be to like in the future. If it will happen, who knows.. most likely not.. What truthfully will happen is "Advanced version of the iPhone", more "Apps", kids becoming socially inadequate do to all of the online communications. Basically, what may seem like to much technology that could eventually overwhelm us all will be here before we see it coming.

Future Technology: Next ten years

As time progresses, technology is becoming to be more outrageous. I feel there will be all sorts of gadgets and devices that will make living more convenient or maybe just keeping us entertained. Currently, the most active communication on computers besides facebook, myspace, twitter, e-mails..etc is this application called "Skype" where you can hold a conversation looking at the person. However, In the next ten years, i'm sure someone will creative the live physical image. Something like a Hiero-gliphic like image as in the movie "Resident Evil" with the little girl. In addition, there propably would be flying cars and floating skateboards as in "Back to the Future" depending how much of a Hazard it would be.

I see a world that will develop its technology so much that it will surpass our every imaginable thought of what it could. I think it will soon resemble the technologized world presented in the I-Robot movie. I see methods of communicating by landlines becoming extinct, and cell phones becoming an old, unpopular way of communication. The webcam, which can be used to make calls and see the other person will soon take over our primary way of communicating. Entertainment might become digitalized so that you can see concerts live on your computer or laptop. I see the introduction of making phone calls and chatting primary over webcams coming into play in our present time. Barely anyone has a landline nowadays unless you are old in age without a cellphone or if you have a big family and all your children do not have cell phones. What I would like to see happen is that we could have flying cars where we could just travel to other countries without much difficulty.

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