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v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #17
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Choose a celebrity Twitter page from Celebrity Tweet to examine. Repost several of the celebrity's "tweets" (posts) here and explain what you've observed that this celebrity primarily uses their Twitter for, if you think there's a purpose, and what you think both the celebrity him/herself and his/her readers take away from the experience - if anything.

So tell me who the Twitter-er is (with their url). Copy and paste several of their tweets that you think are representative of the kind of stuff they post. Then analyze!

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Tonights show was awesome. Met @davidsides and it was so fun chillin with everyone. See yall tomorrow at the loft

Love the energy here at ucsd! San Diego is bomb!!! Performing soon... For those of u who missed it today come out tomorrow at the loft @8

We haven't reached $10,000 for our goal yet for the walk for Autism. Help us out :) www.ajrafael.blogspot.com it's next Saturday!

http://twitpic.com/o3hje come support! This was one of my first shows back in 05!! @ UCSD tonight!

not doing anything tonight? support the cause and watch a great show! info: www.NVRNOTWRKN.Blogspot.com vine st in riverside, ca

I need a dogsitter for a couple of months again... :/ let me know anybody in 951 909 626 area

Well Aj Rafael is a big youtube star and i've been following his musical genius through youtube and myspace during summer '09. From his recents tweets you can tell how he's a pretty chill guy who does concerts for real purpose and not just for the money. He's doing a fundraiser for the cure of autism and is asking his followers to pitch in to help the cause. Although autism isn't something like cancer it's prevalence is growing. Affecting many others as well as his nephew he wants as much help as possible. Aj likes performing but it seems not as much as he likes helping out. Aj said, "Popularity, money, attention, I mean all of that's nice (not that I get much of it), but that's all temporary... music is FOREVER." As we talked about before concerning anti-stars, Aj is a real guy who we can relate and create connections with. He inspires many through his music and by the actions he does (not only through his tweets but through his concerts).

Check out his music! http://www.myspace.com/ajrafael
Haha me advertising...


RT @xDemiRayGomez i wonder if justin bieber is single or not??? === I'm Single and Ready to Mingle. hahaha ;)

MY WORLD comes out in 10 DAYS!!! yes there are GOLDEN TICKETS out there in albums...you can win a private concert for YOU and your friends!

RT @kaaayvee @justinbieber, boyyy please gimme the best birthday present ever & wish me a happy birthday<3 xo== lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Thanks to everybody that came out to the wild 94.1 LDS show! It was poppin!!!

Chillin backstage at tropicana field with wild 94.1 about to hit the stage after fab. Shout out to the Tampa Bay area.

Best fans in the world. Got me from being a small town kid from Stratford posting on youtube to a sold out show in Toronto 2nite. Thank u!!

So Justin Bieber according to his posts, uses twitter as a way to keep in touch with his fans. To inform his fans of what he is doing, and advertise his CD. Also he uses twitter to show how much he appreciates them for making him famous. In addition he answers to some of his fans tweets, he wants to have a connection with them, so they are able to see that he is just a regular teenage boy.

Here's the new suite, same as the old suite. Well, close anyway...Just coached Jeff. Tomorrow ESPN day! 3 interviews, 1 at Jeff's

I gave Phil Ivey a poker nickname today: 'Triple threat' cause he's great in cash games, online, and tourneys. Pic

Video of Mike Sexton going into the 'Poker Hall of Fame' tonight...Still 7 in main event, restart at 9 pm...

So proud of Jeff Shulman!! Had the patience of a saint, + took a $22 million bad beat his J-J to Cadas 3-3. Shoulda been 4 handed w $30 mil!

Phil Hellmuth is one of the most famous poker players in the world and has the most titles. It seems like he uses his Tweets to reach out to his followers and let them know what he is doing so they can follow him, or watch where he will be on. He also uses twitter to inform his followers of events that he is sponsoring or just promoting. I think that it is pretty awesome to have the input of one of the most famous players ever, and that this is a good way to get his fan base more informed and behind him.

Dane Cook Tweets

Dane Cook
Hitting stage in 8 minutes here in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm in rare form. After party u ask? It's onstage during the show.
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Dane Cook
Congrats to the New England Patriots. Good win today. Moss is a machine. Brady is the oil. I'm a comedian.
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Dane Cook
Modern Warfare 2. Waiting for me tonight at home. I'm ready for battle.
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Dane Cook
At Hooters in Raleigh. Have not been here in years. Wings and tits. Yum!
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Dane Cook
Jumping on the plane 30 min flight to North Carolina. Hitting downtown.
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Dane Cook
I want to thank all the fans that showed up tonight and last night in Virginia. You really put me in a great mood. I needed this show!

I like that you get to see that Dane Cook does shoes and is famous, but also does normal everyday stuff. He performs in North Carolina, but then loves watching the Patriots and playing video games. I think its cool to see that Dane has stuff in common with his fans. He uses his twitter to update you where he is and what activities he is doing. Most of them aren't mundane or boring, I think they are interesting and real. I come away feeling more connected to Dane Cook as a person, just because I can relate to some of the stuff he does in his free time.

Following: Reverend Run

Rev Run
You CAN and u WILL get a break in life. period (jus believe)

Rev Run
oh! 1 more thing,, dont beat urself up.. we live and we learn :)

Rev Run
Get up!! Get going!! Staaaay fascinated!! Being lazy & bored is an insult to oneself! (real talk!)

Rev Run
Laughter is an instant vacation

The tweets that Rev Run posts are a definite reflection of himself. Rev Run, a reverend/historic rapper of Run DMC, is an individual that is strongly influenced by family and religion. From my view, I believe that Rev Run not only uses Twitter to update his fans about his professional career but to also inform them with useful information in both a spiritual and inspirational light. He uses encouraging phrases such as, "Don't beat yourself up.. we live and learn." This is a great representation of his character as Rev Run is an individual who empowers others to do anything in life. He carries others burdens while teaching others to look at life in a positive way rather than a negative way.

Perez Hilton

@tristanray Love U! xoxo

@LadyGaGa I will see you there, momma!!! http://bit.ly/2O5UIe

@SeanReid I agree!

Cornell University sex scandal! http://bit.ly/2PeZXs LOVE it!

@Rihanna says the inspiration for her upcoming album comes from "personal experiences mixed with rock and hiphop." Grr! But she's a POP act!

Perez Hilton uses Twitter as a way to communicate with "friends" and a way to put his opinion out in public, once again. For example, when he posted about the sex scandal he left the link to it, but he also said "Love it!" at the end, this gives his opinion about the incident. When he spoke about Rihanna, he gave a quote that she supposedly said, and then he put his opinion at the end. This gives people the chance to understand what he is blogging about, while still getting his point of view on the situation.

I chose to look at what Chad Ocho Cinco was "tweeting" about.


Ocho Cinco says in his recent "tweets":

Headed to chill at Wet Willies before my flight, south beach here I come, cranberry juice, red bull and calamari!!

My grandma and I are playing Call of Duty, she won't let me take a picture though, she ain't wearing her good stuff she said

http://twitpic.com/ozljb - Only grandma that has a 745 n a Phantom

That was the best thing I've heard when it came to making sure you pray every morning, wow!! Denzel is the best.

Attention-twitter family I just got off the phone with Denzel Washington, Steeler fans he will be attending Sundays game on our sideline.

Man yall see the shoes Brandon Marshall got on, I want those right now!!!! Fresh--they look neon orange

@reggie_bush bruh I'm just having fun as usual, stay healthy n keep winning, yall on fire over there

Chad Ocho Cinco is a professional football player for the Cincinnati Bengals. He is known for being outspoken and vibrant. He is a very good receiver in the National Football League and is a heavy user of Twitter. By observing his recent "tweets," one can see that Chad uses Twitter to let everyone know what he is doing every second of the day. He also uses it to show how close a relationship he has with his grandmother. Chad enjoys Twitter because it gives him exposure and gives people a peek into his daily life. Ocho Cinco loves the limelight and the attention he receives from people and uses Twitter as a tool to get him media. In some of his "tweets" he writes to other football players and talks trash or congratulates them on successful seasons. The readers of Chad's Twitter basically know what he is doing at all times but do not gain any important information. They do not take much away from viewing his profile. Chad gets pleasure out of using Twitter because it gives him press and the much needed attention he needs. I really believe he uses Twitter because he is bored with all his free time.

Janet Jackson <http://twitter.com/janetjackson>

I'm back in rehearsals with the kids - getting ready for our performance @ the AMAs!

Some of my family stopped by to see some of the dancing. It felt good to have them there.

The Make Me video shoot was long but turned out wonderfully. It was great working with Robert Hales.

I've spent some more time in the studio with Rodney n I can't wait for you to hear what we've created.

I selected some great dancers with Gil this weekend for my new team. Looking forward to working with you guys!
Thank u to the 150 plus dancers who came out n auditioned!

Janet primarily uses her twitter to keep her fans updated on what is going on with music life. All of these tweets tell us about what is doing currently in her music career at the moment. I think the purpose of this is to reassure fans that she is not just "falling off the boat" but she is actually still doing some music behind the scenes at the present time. I think that readers might take away that she was so considerate to stop out of her busy schedule to update us on what is happening with her music. I think that the whole personal touch was added in the tweet, "Thank u to the 150 plus dancers who came out n auditioned!" when instead of using the word 'and' the letter 'n' replaced it gave a more humanistic field. Showing some type of credibility that it might in fact be her that is updating her twitter. I think the most recent tweet, where she talks of being at rehearsals with the kids also bring a more humanistic touch as everybody knows that Michael's kids are residing with her. In the third to last tweets, she tells us how her video shoot session was and this shows genuine feelings being displayed of Janet. Once again with this she tries to make her fans feel as though they have a special connection with her.

Demi Lovato is a 17 year old actress and singer-songwriter. I chose to examine her Twitter page because I have seen a couple of her movies, we are about the same age, and I recognize her name among the many celebrities that have a Twiter. Demi is not one of the celebrities that tweet the least and I am pretty sure she does her own tweets; she has 5 Tweets Per Day (TPD), 2% Reply Rate, 34.6% Link Posting. The image she portraits to her 1,113,401 twitter fans reflects her believe in God. Demi has personal conversations with some her friends, not celebrity friends. She posts low quality pictures of her and her friends that show how she is genuinely on her tweets. Also she promotes her show “Sonny with a Chance” a Disney Channel Original Series and her music.

blowing up toy cars in slow motion (don't try this at home). I found this tweet off Ashton's Kutchers page and found it kind of interesting. I dont know if he literally means hes blowing up toy cars or not. There's really not a purpose to this other than telling the world some of the useless things he can find to do with his spare time. This also doesn't take anything away from the experience in fact for something thats useless it seems kind of cool.

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