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Prompt #7
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101

After talking today about how films portray masculinity - and about Disney subliminal messages - I thought I'd ask you to take a look at this video. It's clearly an argument - the creator has something to communicate, and he backs up his message with evidence in the form of video clips. Watch the video and tell me:

1) What is his argument?

2) What are some of the ways he backs it up?

3) Do you agree or disagree? Can you think of evidence or reasoning that could counter his argument?

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The speaker's argument is that the media is so influential in disney movies that it makes boys seem like outcasts if they are not like the heroes in the movies. The speaker uses scenes in different disney movies to back up his argument. The two main examples that are in every disney movie are men and their women and the build of the heroes. In most disney movies the women are their to please the men. This is not a good thing to teach young boys because it will stick with them for life. If women are just objects then men will not treat them right. The second message is that the boys need to be physically fit and fat kids are outcast. This makes kids have unhealthy diets and demoralizes them. I strongly agree with the speaker. The messages are not good to teach young kids because these messages will stay in their head and they will ask themselves what do I have to do to be cool. The only thing I can think of to counter his argument would be to tell him that the kids do not watch the movies as close as the critics and they just remember funny songs and characters in the movies and not the deeper things that the movie is portraying.

The speaker's argument is that boys should not feel inferior if they don't possess the strength, dominance, and relationships with women that these Disney heroes have in movies. He backs this up by showing video clips with specific examples of (male) Disney characters possessing these traits. He appeals to ethos alot throughout the video, but especially when he asks what would be different if they were portrayed as compassionate and vulnerable.
I guess I do agree with his argument, but if I had the opportunity to go back and fix things, I'm not sure I would change much. I guess it's the old school guy in me that thinks guys should be this way, for the most part at least.

Disney's representation of the "Hero"

The creator's argument is cleary stated, and it is that Disney portrays the Heroes or the Dominant males as strong, influential men. And any man not with that physique or ability to woo the women, are left as outcasts. He backs up these arguments by showing us clips from a multitude of Disney movies in which a male is portrayed as strong and diligent. For example, Gaston in Beauty and the Beast is able to lift a table of three girls with one arm. And he is obviously in "control" of LeFou, shown by when LeFou cowers in fear after accidentally splashing beer in Gaston's face. These types of examples can really leave an impression on a kid.

I agree with him because most Disney movies do tend to show a dominant male and his lady. The male is usually willing to fight for his lady(Aladdin for Jasmine), and Disney displays that it is not right for a man to not fight(Beast and Gaston).

Although a counter argument could be in the movie Finding Nemo. Nemo's Father travels across the whole ocean to find his son. Fighting of sharks, getting eaten by a seagull and whale, but he eventually pulls through as a hero for his son. Even Nemo saves a whole school of fish by teaching them how to all swim down together and break the fishing net crane. So Finding Nemo is one example where Disney doesnt display men as Dominant figures. They show kids that anyone can be a hero if they try hard enough.

The argument that the creator is making says that Disney movies portray masculinity in their movies by showing characters that are dominant, sexist, and physically fit. By using multiple clips from Disney films, there are several examples of each characteristic the creator uses to back up his argument. In the movie Hercules, the creator shows a clip of the the hero with massive biceps, and a cut body. He is the face of masculinity in Disney's eyes. In Mulan, one song states that the men don't care what their wives look like, they just care that how they cook. This shows that men think of women as objects of affection and nothing more (a very sexist way to look at this) Finally, the creator uses a clip from The Lion King to show dominance and the need to fight for power. Scar and Simba are battling to show who is the stronger man. By using clips from several Disney film,s the creator does a good job at backing up his argument. I do agree mostly with this argument. It is hard to ignore that most Disney movies have strong, heroic males that get the girl. However, Disney has several male characters that go outside of this norm. Goofy is seen as a hero and he is a tall, clumsy, and gawky dog. Another example is Mulan. At the end of the movie, she proves that girls can do anything men can do. There are clips and examples to counteract the creator's points, however I think that with the support shown in the video he makes a strong argument.

The argument that the creator of the movie is stating is that in most Disney movies, the main character is usually portrayed as a hero and is sexist, dominant over all and has a chiseled body (physically fit). After he states his claim, he takes multiple clips from multiple disney movies to support his claim. As you see through the different clips used, these hero's are what disney has come to the conclusion of being a "man" or being "masculine". An example that the author used of dominance was using a film clip of the lion king which shows the two lions fighting it out for dominance. In addition, the sexist part he uses is from a clip where it is stated that women are mens 'objects of pleasure' which shows the sexism towards women portrayed by disney. His argument he makes is a very solid and supported argument. I would have to agree with what he is saying to an extent because even though a majority of disney movies have characters whom are portrayed in this light, they also have their fair share of movies with characters who are not. Movies such as Toy Story for example go out of this norm. You could argue that Buzz or Woody are the definition of masculinity in this movie but overall the movie is a collaborative effort from all the characters working together. Overall, the creator makes a very solid argument even though you can point out a handful of movies which show or say the opposite of what he claims.

The speaker makes his argument very clear, that disney movies and characters, are making boys look up to heros, who have "chiseled abs, a barrel chest and massive arms" and that the others are outcasts. The speaker uses for support parts of numerous disney movies where you can clearly see the hero "manly" fighting or being praised, while the other set aside almost forgotten. This household movies make boys grow up thinking that that women are they to please them from so many subliminal messages the boys have received throughout their youth. Besides just making the boys have less respect for women, these movies by showing that the men should be chiseled and strong, make them feel obligated to want to fit in and big massive like the hero, since nobody wants to be the fat outcast.

I agree with this argument, but I can think of a counter for the speaker's statements. If you of what the heros have to do, they have to fight dragons and run away with the princess. They get to chase a thief or battle someone with magic. Things that simple demand a good physique. You can't visualize a boney guy with a book in his hand fighting off a dragon while carrying a princess, it just doesn't make sense. Maybe that is from all the "brain washing" of the movies, but to me the hero has to be strong and ripped to be able to handle the challenges.

I never notice how Disney movies portray masculinity until watching this short video.
The speakers argument is arguing the fact that masculinity is the dominance over one another. People would respect you because I guess they do not want to get look down upon on. For example, in the beginning of the film it shows a short clip from the Incredibles where Syndrome has now have power over Mr. Incredible and it shows that Mr. Incredible is surrendering to Syndromes dominance in the scene.
I would have to agree with his argument because this is what shapes younger boys that he should do this or that to be able to get this particular thing. To answer the question what the speaker said, if dominance, sexism, and a masculinity is changed to caring and more affectionate, then the movie would not only be boring, but also shape the young boys to be more "feminist".

The creator's argument is that a majority of Disney films portray men as being dominant physically fit heroes who always get the girl. He shows various clips from Disney movies, such as Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, and Little Mermaid. Gustan, the male character in Beauty and the Beast, represents Disney's idea of how a man should appear.
I agree with the creator's argument about the way Disney portrays masculinity. An example that counters his argument is the movie Mulan because she proves that girls are able to do the things boys do too.

His argument is that Disney promotes Sexism and male dominance within their movies. He backs up his theory by showing us video clips from movies in which the male characters are built like Schwarzeneger of the 1980's. I agree and disagree with his argument. I really don't see sexism in these video clips. Sure, it is about the most dominating male getting the girl but I don't find it sexist. Especially, because there is one character that is the nice character that would do anything for the girl. You might say the villain is sexist because he is mean to the girl, but he is also a tool to the protagonist.
He does make a strong argument though in Strength of men.

The argument is howDisney films portray that boys, in order to become men, have to strong ad powerful. Theymake women seem like a prize, which they will recieve if they are the strongest and seem to be very powerful. He backs this up with some very valid clips from peoples favorite Disney movies. They all show the men being some type of hero who is overly powerful and strong. I agree with this point becuse a you look at these specifc clips from Disney films you can see these occuring very clearly. It is sad to see how this is what we watched as kids and can give us some explanation why men feel like that have to be masculine and seem over powerng.

The author of this video attempts to convey to point that boys need to show their strengths and dominance through their actions and physical appearance. These clips that he uses portray the main male characters as well built people while the characters below them are alienated due to their differing physical appearance. They also show how men are supposed to women: as objects of and pleasure. This leads us to believe that Disney is using these images as guidelines as to how men should act as well as how men should look.

Masculinity in Disney Movies

The author’s argument is how sexism, strength and dominances are present in Disney movies. He explains how these movies are teaching young boys to treat women badly, to be unemotional, and physical appearances.
He backs up his argument by quoting Dr. Justin Lewis. A professor Cardiff University that teaches History of Mass Communication and Culture and also has a documentary, Mickey House Monopoly, related to this subject. Also, he shows scenes from our favorites Disney movies that back off his point. For example, Kuzko in The Emperor's New Groove (2000) when he is choosing a girl to marry him he is cruel ant treat them like objects. Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast (1991) in unemotional, cold, and he does whatever it take to have Bella. Also Gaston and Lafou’s contrast give a disturb image on how they should look like. Gaston is well built and respected, while Lafou is small, chubby, and basically Gaston’s servant.
I agree with the author Disney movies do portrait masculinity erroneously. Also he has a good argument and he backs it up really well by the use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

sexism, strength and dominance are the three main heroic characteristics portrayed in disney movies. The argument in this clip is that boys cannot live up to the heros shown in disney films. One requirement for a hero in a disney movie is to have a chiseled body. Most boys will never have a chiseled body and may feel inadequate when they cannot achieve this. Another point the author makes in this film is primary concern of a mans, or boys, masculinity. Having budging muscles and body hair, like gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," are qualities disney movies portray for men to have. I Disagree with this part of the clip but agree with the last 40 seconds. In that last minute it says disney movies should learn to show caring, compassion, and vulnerability instead of sexism, strength, and dominance. Having these qualities will show that the average Joe could be a hero. This might inspire the average kid to believe in themselves more.

The creator of this video expresses the idea that Disney movies describe masculinity by sexism, strength, and dominance. He/she is saying that there are many boys feeling physically inadequate and and emotionally detached. The creator uses Disney movies as evidence and support. One example, is that there is always a heterosexual relationship in the movie and this is telling boys about how real men interact with women and that they should use them as objects of pleasure. Disney movies also seem to glorify one particular body type, and gives a sense that men with any other body type are generally outcasts. I agree because boys often try to imitate "that guy", the guy that is cool to everybody. But in reality, not everyone is going to be the guy with the chiseled abs.

The argument the producer of this documentary shows is that in Disney movies real men are portrayed as masculine and have great bodies. Also he makes an argument that women are to be only objects of pleasure to men. He backs up his arguments by showing images from Disney movies that show men and women and the relationship they seem to have in almost every movie.
I agree with this argument, i think that with the incredible power Disney has on young children, to be showing men as being men only when they are heroes and have great bodies is wrong, i also think its wrong for Disney movies to show women as objects of pleasure which gives the wrong idea to both men and women.

The argument that the creator of this video expresses is that the definition of masculinity: sexism, strength, and dominance, is expected of males is a direct effect of Disney movies. He states that due to this perception of what a masculine man should be it is leaving boys feeling "physically inadequate" and "emotionally detached". He also argues that women should be inferior to men in these three fields. He backs up his argument by providing examples from movies such as Mulan where she is challenged by the strength of the men in the army. Another example he uses is that the climax of films revolve around a fight between rivals such as that in the Lion King when Scar and Simba fight portraying the strength needed to win. I completely agree with this argument in that Disney has quite the influential power on young children. Disney should incorporate more than just the chiseled body and heroic dominance of the male figure. They should also show the importance of women and how they are not simply "objects of pleasure" but a valuable part of society.

The author's main argument is that disney defines masculinity to be of certain criterias and that it is very influential over young boys and society in general. Disney more specifically relays the message to males that having strenght, dominance and having the presence of females only for the sole purpose of their beauty and ability to do household duties is what defines one to be a man. He backs up the subargument of strenght by showing multiple clips from multiple movies and the usual character of well-defined man. For example, with Hercules, he is shown to have well-chiseled arms and fit. Anyone else that does not fit that criteria, the author says is unimportant and expected to be timid or old. And such we see in the Beauty and the Beast where, Belle's father is an old man and presented as a fat, short, big-bellied man. Dominance can be seen when the well built main character is intimidating the female or other main character ultimately threatening them at times. Also, having females just for the reason of household chores and beauty can be seen when in the clip with the Emperor from the Emperor's New Groove goes through a line of females and points out all the faults. I both agree and disagree with this video for different reasons that some of the evidence have both a bad and good side to it. A counter-claim can be made with the Emperor in the Emperor's New Groove. One would think that the Emperor represents the ideal of the church and so he would present himself in such a manner where future boys would look up to him. Instead the Emperor is presented as a weak young man who knows how to do virtually nothing.

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