ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments

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Prompt #8
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
More Disney for you!

This is another YouTube video someone put together, this time exploring racism in Disney. Consider the video in terms of the argument it makes. What is the central argument? How is it supported? Is the video persuasive? Could it have done anything differently to be more successful? Consider both the content of the argument and the actual style and set-up of the video.


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The central argument in this video is racism in Disney channel shows and characters. The maker of the video puts together nine different disney shows to prove that the disney channel is racist. The author of this video proves his argument through different shots and pictures from the show. The shows go in order from the least offensive to the most offensive. I don't think this is a good way of putting a video together because its the audiences' oppinion about which show is more offensive than another. I think the author's argument would have been stronger if he/she showed clips from the shows. By only showing pictures, the audience couldn't hear how the characters sounded, which was the authors argument in many of the shows. Also, it was almost impossible to read the slides explaining the argument because they were moving so fast. I had to pause the video in order to read it. The author should have talked to the audience to make the video more successful.

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