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Prompt #8
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
More Disney for you!

This is another YouTube video someone put together, this time exploring racism in Disney. Consider the video in terms of the argument it makes. What is the central argument? How is it supported? Is the video persuasive? Could it have done anything differently to be more successful? Consider both the content of the argument and the actual style and set-up of the video.


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The main argument present in this short video is the "obvious" racism throughout past Disney movies. As a kid born in the 90's I had heard, or watched, only about half of the movies mentioned, even though I was not a "deprived child." This fact ended up weakening the video's argument as a whole. The author used a lot of quotes to prove his or her point in the video. Followed by the author's own opinion, which at some points contained humor. The video slides roll by quite quickly and considering that some people are slow readers, myself being one, I could not read the slides in a smooth motion since I had to pause the video several times. This detracted from the flow of arguments. However, the points made in the video all had valid sources and made an accurate argument. All-in-all, the video persuaded me to believe that there is racism in these Disney movies, also it made me think racism is present in all things.

The central argument of the video is that although Disney’s movies may seem kid friendly, it actually has many hidden messages about racism. To prove and support his point that many of Disney’s movies are slightly racist, the author first explains the racist act in each of the nine movies, and then he provides a quote from each of the movies which provides more support. To me the video was slightly persuasive because he did provide evidence to support his claim but in some cases, I didn’t understand the evidence he was providing.

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