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Prompt #9
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
We talked a little bit about free speech today. Take a minute to think about when free speech is absolutely necessary and when it could be potentially harmful. Give me an example either from history, from the present, or a prediction for the future or near-present. Do you think all people and all messages should have freedom of speech? What about the "harmful" one you've described? Explain.

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Freedom of Speech

The freedom of speech is a necessity in today's society. Freedom of speech is the key to advancements in society. But, on the other hand freedom of speech can be potentially harmful. Take for example what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift on the VMA's this year. He completely stole her moment on stage because he personally didn't feel that she deserved the award. I do not think that all people and all messages should have freedom of speech, but it is nearly impossible to control it. In the situation on the VMA's with Kanye West, he should not have had freedom of speech and be able to express himself. He was inconsiderate and rude in his actions. In the end, freedom of speech is a great thing because it creates new opportunities and advancements in society but you have your handful of people who abuse it and push it to the limit. It all comes down to the use of common sense and the old saying of "think before you speak".

"enjoying personal rights or liberty, as a person who is not in slavery: a land of free people."


What is the true definition of free? It remains unknown. As listed above, dictionary.com defines free in a sense of "liberty," but what is our liberty defined as? I have always looked at the word free in a sense of free speech as saying what you want, when you want to say it. But thats definitely not the case. For example, as an American citizen we are authorized the right to free speech, but on numerous occasions people have been arrested for a little something we call " verbal assult." Now there goes free speech right out the window. But, with this idea of truely "free" speech, there has to be limitations. There has been numerous debates on "how much is too much" from cases such as the initial hearing of our 1st amendment in our constitution. Therefore, speech can never be free, and never be banned. We are just going to stay on the fence and see who else we may or may not offend this time.

Not all speech is good, slander is an example which is used when someone is intentionally speaking against someone using communication of a false statement. An example of this would be if someone made a commercial about Doctor Cox, claiming that he beats his wife so you shouldn't give him your business. Dr. Cox could sue the producer of this commercial for harm against his business. This would be harmful free speech and therefore I can justify a lawsuit over it.

I strongly believe that free speech is absolutely necessary when dealing with religion and associated beliefs. Everyone in this nation should feel free to worship and talk about his/her own religion because freedom of religion is the basis of this nation. For example, in 2007 a case dealing with a peaceful protest over abortion came to view. A police officer tried to put down the protest in favor of pro-life views and the case was rightfully sent to a judicial court. The final decision was that free speech is to be upheld in the event of a peaceful pro-life demonstration. The case name is Trewhella v. Findlay.

Free speech can be potentially harmful in some cases. For example, in a recent court case that was taken to the Supreme Court, Morse v Frederick (2007), the principal of a high school took down a banner promoting drug use. The sign said "Bong Hits 4 Jesus."
A student tried to make it seem like a religious case by putting Jesus in there but it obviously has nothing to do with that. In this case, free speech is not protected because it promotes an illegal action.

I believe freedom of speech should be upheld unless the words promote an illegal action or slander. The harmful case I described earlier was correct in saying that it is not unconstitutional to vote against free speech if it can potentially be harmful to society.

i do beleive that free speech is away to express ones self but sometimes it can be harmful to others. like for example the the article we read in class about the hanging of the rebel flag and stuff, in my opinion yes it is wrong because it displays racism and thats not right. not all things should be considered freedom of speech because it can hurt peoples feelings and their personal beliefs. for example the whole religious thing against homosexuality, god is suppose to except all his people so why should someone beable to down someone else life style if this is the case. its even to the point that being any other religion but christian is wrong which is crazy. there is just somethings that should be kept to yourself.

It can be potentially harmful like if you are a parent and you have a young child.They draw you something and you say it looks like crap. That can have some serious effects on the child's self esteem and can turn the child resentful towards you. I think you should have your own opinion but voice it in a respectful ay especially in a public setting because there are many people around that could potientially be offended if you don't have some sort of filter.

Freedom of speech can be necessary but at the same time harmful. One example of this situation could be when you are taking an exam. People have the right to talk, but will be accused of cheating. A better example of this could have been back in the day when african americans were not viewed as equals. Lets say an african american's house caught on fire back in the woods and he ran to the village to tell people. This was obviously necessary since he could not put the fire out himself. The downside is that back then people would not care therefore ignoring the man and harming him by not helping him. One situation where having freedom of speech could be harmful and necessary is with religion. Here at UF preachers walk around and damn people to hell. This could potentially save someone or this could cause the person to revolt and attack the man. either way have freedom of speech has it's positives and negatives.

Freedom of Speech is necessary, but it can also be harmful. Freedom of speech allows people to voice their own opinion and expresses their own beliefs, and that can help our society grow. Different opinions create diversity and different position people may take on a subject. But people need to learn to voice respectively.
If people did not voice their opposition on slavery, it probably would still be in effect. But people were willing to express their opinion on the subject. When you voice your opinion, you can enact change, and the emancipation of slaves is an exact example of that.
I believe that all people and all messages should have freedom of speech, but there are people who abuse this right. People just need to start to respect others’ opinion because we all have different ideas.

the right way and the wrong way

Freedom of speech is a right that was given to us from the constituion but can and has been used in negative ways.A prime example of using the right of freedom of speech in a negative in a negative way is when you speak out aganist another person's race. Hitler was a man that hated jews and believed they should all be removed form the fac of this earth.The way Hitler spoke out about his veiw on the jews wasnt right but still is classified as a form of freedom of speech.
Using freedom of speech in a unharmful way is when you speak out about something that could benefit you and others without being hurtful to someone.An example of this could be speaking out to the board of your school to advise ways to keep students more interested in adcademics.

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