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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
When do you think the line between reality and virtual reality is crossed? When can cyberspace become too real, or too much of a replacement for "real" life? When does the internet become unhealthy or dangerous?

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The difference between reality and virtual reality is that virtual reality is a dream and reality is was actually happens. In an online game, World of War Craft, people create characters and complete quests in a virtual reality (a dream or fake land). In reality this land does not exist. I think the line between the two is when someone says the phrase "what if." What if a giant T-rex came out of the forest and ate me. Obviously this an extreme exaggeration but you can see that this is never going to happen. Only in a virtual reality could this happen.

The internet could be an extremely dangerous place to anyone. You could be surfing the web and instantly download a virus onto your computer crashing it and deleting all of your files. Another danger is that you could become addicted to online games such as World of War Craft. Using the internet for checking email is something that is not unhealthy.

The internet is a very useful tool. It puts an immense amount of the information at your fingertips. However, it can be very dangerous and unhealthy when people become too depend of it, like most of us are. Also, the internet offers almost absolute freedom of speech, but this instantaneous and uncontrolled transmission of ideas can be use for illegal and offensive things. Moreover, some people get so caught up into video games and social networking website, such as World of War Craft and facebook, respectively that they stop interacting with others and some even confuse reality with virtual reality.

I think when you meet the people in virtual reality in real life is crossing the line. Cyberspace can become too much of a replacement for "real life" when you spend endless hours on it. Wasting away your real life in he virtual reality. It becomes unhealthy when you get addicted to it and end up staying at home sucked into it. Not being able to stop or getting angry after something happens to your internet and flipping out.

line between cyberspace

When I think the line between reality and virtually is crossed is when two people can fall in love with one another without having physical contact with that particular person in general. Yes they may have similar traits and interests, but that can be the downfall and cause harm.
Ever heard of little girls getting raped/killed because of pedophiles roaming chat rooms. Well it happened several times where the innocent girl is deceived by the pedophile and really falls in love with him.. Later on the pedophile would arrive at the innocent girl's house and raped her along with killing her family..
That is where the internet can go too far because it can cause harm to other people that can involve death.

Reality vs Virtual Reality

The line between reality and virtual reality is cross when people start to mistake reality with virtual reality. Cyberspace can become too real when people get pull into virtual reality games. Then they spend unless hours on the computer which becomes unhealthy because people may become addicted, and being on the computer a lot may cause health issues. Cyberspace creates these world that people can escape to for a minute, but it does not help people solve their problems, and it does not help people to live through reality and the problems they may face in life.
In virtual reality, people create false worlds and that gives them control on how this world runs, but then these games takes control over people's lives because then people would rather play these games than go outside and interact with people. This would decrease people's communication skills.
The internet is useful to everyone because it provides people with an immense amount of information, but the internet becomes dangerous when people depends on it too much which may decrease the interaction of people because they use the internet for everything.

The line between reality and virtual reality is crossed when someone becomes so obsessed with their "second-life" that it becomes more important to them than their real one. They become so immersed in this new world that they try to live out their sexual fantasies via their second-life (as we read in one of the articles). Considering that there might be younger kids playing the game as well, this is when it becomes dangerous. This argument may sound extreme to most people (including myself), but it does seem to happen to alot of people.

----------------- Its not a thin line!

The line between reality and virtual reality is a bold one. You cross it or you dont. Many people like to incorperate their real lives into something called "virtual reality." But in reality, its NOT REALITY! Virtual reality is a made up term that gives people an exucse to act in a way different from how they usually act. This "virtual" term is just used to hide their real identity in the cyberspace of the internet. When they are sitting at their computer, they are known as SexyGurl0901, but in the office their simply Jane Doe, who probally is'nt so sexy. By simply allowing yourself to create this other identity, this is how many people allow the internet (and chat rooms) to take over their life. And when it takes over, you might as well check yourself in to rehab because the internet is a tough habit to break, especially when it plays such a major role in our life today.

Virtual Reality...too far?

The internet can be used in a very positive way, but it can also be used in a negative way as well. When someone spends more time on the internet with their "virtual life" they soon become obsessed with that life. Whether it is through facebook, myspace, instant messaging, world of warcraft, or any other means of virtuality, these mediums can be considered crossing the line depending upon the extent of involvement. The internet is considered unhealthy once it is used as someone's "only" means of communication, or when more time is spent on the internet than doing anything else. Many people meet people through the internet, and begin dating and eventually fall in love, but there have also been occasions where bad things have come from meeting people online. There are many good things that come with the internet, but there are also way too many horrible things that could possibly be accompanied with the internet.

The internet can become dangerous when people start becoming obsessed over the internet. When you stop leaving your home and interacting with human nature that is a sign that the internet is becoming too dangerous. When u develops a person on line and start to become that person the internet is to much and can be a replacement for your real life.

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