ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments

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Prompt #15
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
The readings for Wednesday offer views of how YouTube and the Internet provide the opportunity for anyone to be a star - or an anti-star. Find a video on YouTube - one that you're already familiar with or something new - that has gained the creator attention (ie. lots of views and comments). What does the video contain? What is its purpose? How does the creator describe the video in the information? What are the responses like? Does the creator respond to the responses and how so?

The video can have to do with anything - from World of Warcraft freakouts to pranks or political manifestos - surf around and see what you find. I'll most likely choose some from your responses to view and discuss in class.

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This video is actually is from the South African Idol, similar to our American Idol. The video contains a clip of the audition of one girl who remixes the song "Killing Me Softly" by the Refugees. It's purpose was to give people entertainment even though for the wrong reason. The entertainment is not from how great she sings but it is from how terrible she is in singing and how she dances to the song. The judges even say that she is a great enetertainer and not a singer. One especially notes that her audition will be put on the youtube website after its showing on television and sure enough here we are watching it.The creator describes it to be "the funniest South African contestant... even though she looks cute." I am pretty sure that the contestant is now recognizable by many in her hometown or atleast by many Americans has it had 823,258 views not to mention many other creators who posted the same video had similar numbers of viewers. The responses included either people leaving comments laughing at her or feeling sorry for her and saying they would have broken down if it were them. The author did not really respond to the comments as there were 2173 of them but I found one by her after the video was recently posted. It was a response to some asking more specific details on the girl in the video.

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