ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments

v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #16
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Where do you see technology going in the next 10 years? How will our methods of communication and entertainment be affected? How do you see it changing already? What would you like to see happen (this can be fantastical/unrealistic)?

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The Future of Technology

In the next ten years, technology will advance into a brand new world and cyberspace will essentially upgrade to version 2.0. The way we communicate, work, and view the world around us will be completely reinvented. As we enter the 'Jeston" Era, we will encounter computers that require the energy of a lightbulb and the space of mousepad. Cars emissions will benefit the environment by emitting pure water rather than harmful carbon monoxide. When we communicate to our loved ones, rather than bluetooth with our cell phones, we will communicate through watches, being our phones, that would allow us to video chat holographically at our leisure. Our entertainment will be a new experience, adding more dimensions than ever before. Concerts will be able to be simulated in our living rooms and game counsels will become our "surrogate". Artificial Intelligence will expand rapidly and eventually tasks such as pumping gas into our vehicles will become the job of robots. In the future, I would like to see teleportation become an everyday mode of transportation and being able to visit the past would be neat as well.

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