ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments

v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #16
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Where do you see technology going in the next 10 years? How will our methods of communication and entertainment be affected? How do you see it changing already? What would you like to see happen (this can be fantastical/unrealistic)?

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Ten years from now technology will go far, but it will still have a lot to go from there. As far as technology goes, i definitely think the possibilities are endless, as if we can do anything. How big will phones be? Will television sets even exist, or will everything be found strictly online? Ten years from now, facebook and twitter will be things of the past, and a new websites will dominate social networking

I think communication will be done even more conveniently than it already is. Skype allows us to video chat, but its as if our friends will be icons on our desktop. Click, and you can automatically have instant communication. Maybe cell phones will allow us to do communications through videos as well. I'm wouldn't know where to creatively invent a new type of communication, but i definitely think ten years from now, someone will create a new form of communication that will surpass the way we use the world wide web today.

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