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ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments

v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #1
in tyler we trust
kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Everyone must respond to this first prompt, but you are not required to comment on anyone else's reply (you're more than welcome to, of course).

After reading about Pathos and Ethos in your textbook, consider Fight Club. Throughout this unit, we'll analyze the rhetoric of a number of different texts, but we'll be particularly looking at the rhetoric of the film Fight Club as well as how Tyler Durden himself functions as a rhetorician.

How does Tyler persuade the Narrator and the Fight Club and Project Mayhem members to follow him? What kind of rhetorical methods does he employ? How does he use Pathos and Ethos? Why do you think he's successful?

You don't necessarily need to go back and watch the film; just write about what comes to mind. We'll discuss your answers in class.

Tyler gets the narrator and the project mayhem members to follow him by appealing to their senses. Emotionally the narrator is trying to find a place where he can belong. He follows tyler because tyler gave him a place. This is pathos. By appealing to the narrators emotional needs, tyler was able to get him to follow him. The Project mayhem members were also influenced through pathos. Bob goes used to go to the support meetings because he needed a place where he could cry without people questioning his manhood. Tyler gave him a way to become a man again through fight club. (103 words)

Tyler persuades the narrator to follow him simply by becoming this strong person that seems real at first and helps him become something he is not. It helps him to become more of a man and form fight clubs to show he is a reall man. Rhetorically he using the figment of his alter ego so it doesn't seem like himself commiting all these crimes and problems. Pathos is used in the form of Tyler going from a sweet n lonely person to this man that has no since of direction, is very careless and doesn't care about himself or others. Ethos is examined by his form to have a alter ego and get the point across about the reasoning being the movie. The only reason to believe he is successful in doing things throughout the movie was because he had this alter ego and it made life more presentable to him.

Tyler is extremely persuasive in getting the Narrator, Fight Club, and Project Mayhem members to follow him using a few techniques. The main reason these people follow Tyler is because he appeals to their emotions (Pathos). He gives them an opportunity to rebel against all they disagree with or hate in society initially through Fight Club and later on through the workings of Project Mayhem. The other reason Tyler is such an easy figure to follow is that he unique character about himself. How Tyler presents himself and speaks to the Narrator and the guys of Fight Club and Project Mayhem reveals a lot about him as a person and what he is trying to accomplish. This self-portrayal is called Ethos. Tyler uses Pathos and Ethos in many ways. He mutates to appeal to a person differently based on what that person seems to be looking for. Tyler is successful because of his ingenious use of emotional and physical appeal to people. He is able to identify what people are looking for and then appeal to that specific quality which they seek.

Tyler persuades the Narrator and the Fight Club and Project Mayhem members to follow him because he wins their respect. Tyler is charismatic and confident leader to start with. He also establishes his credibility by appealing to these men feeling, pathos, b y describing them as the strongest and smartest men who’d ever lived, men with potential, but they are slaves to society. Tyler makes reasonable claims and backs them up with evidence, Logos, such as of their lack of purpose, their desired to buy thing they don’t need, such as cars and clothing. He is successful in his claims because the Narrator and all the fight club members are pissed at society and they are looking for an escape and a solution to their problems.

Tyler talks with authority, and with this he is able to persuade people to follow him. By talking with authority Tyler ensures that nobody questions him, because he sounds confident and knowledgeable. In addition, the members see Tyler as a credible source, because he shares the same values as them. Also because Tyler is in the same social class and has the same feelings as the members towards society, this makes him a credible source. By employing authority and establishing himself as a credible source he is using Ethos. Tyler also uses Pathos, he does this by appealing to the members emotions, in this case the anger and frustration of not being able to go anywhere with their life. He uses both rhetorical methods whenever he speaks; he always tries to make sure that he appeals to their emotions, and to not let them forget that he is the leader. With this he is able to accomplish his goal of recruiting members.

Lets just say, Tyler's a quite a persuasive guy... he uses many devices to persuade the members of Fight Club such as:

Pathos; showing the guys how lame their life truely is, and how Fight Club will give them a sense of power and "manlyhood" that they are lacking... what guy wouldnt want to be powerful?

Ethos; he uses his credibility as a handsome, charming guy(and good looks)to show the guys that he has what he wants, he has all that he wants, now it's time for them to step up to the plate.

... and yes some Logos; he provides factual data about how these men have low paying jobs, while the man sitting up on top is making the big bucks!

All of this put together is what makes Tyler Durden so appealing. So what he makes soap? Obviously he wasnt doing too bad since he had all those guys backing him up!

Tyler relates to these other men. He seems to explain to them the meaning of life and how it is unnecssary t have so many material goods. You can live off the basics. Also, he relates to them in the fact he is one of them, it is not ike he is some super human being, no he is just a regular middle class citizen.

Tyler's aura just emanates charisma; he's a person that you just cant help but listen to. He mostly appeals to the insecurities of the narrator and the fight club members. He flat out tells them that they lead lousy lives and gives them an antidote. Because of this, fight club members put him on pedestal and wish to lead their lives like he does. Its the promise of becoming more like Tyler that makes these members faithful. His so-what? attitude makes him an interesting person to follow; his followers see that he has everything- he's good looking, strong, smart and knows how to stick up for himself. All of these qualities make him a credible leader, they all want to be the guy that truly feels like a man and Tyler is their ideal image of what a man should be.

Tyler persuades the narrator, Fight Club, and the Project Mayhem members to follow him because he is the only mentally strong character in the movie. The narrator and Fight Club members feel like they have no place in society, and have completely lost their identities as human beings. Tyler successfully persuades the fighters because of his credibility towards them. He talks to them with strength and authority. This is called Ethos. Another reason how Tyler persuades the narrator and Fight Club members to follow him are because of his appeal to their emotions (Pathos). Most of these men are lost and trying to find a place where they belong. They are unhappy with their lives. Tyler gives them a place where they can relax and unwind. Fight Club is a place where these men can cope with their lives.

Tyler is persuasive to the members of fight club, project mayhem and to the narrator because he is so charismatic. Tyler does what everyone wants to do, but wasn't brave enough. He is how the people want to be, free, careless. Another thing that helps Tyler is how he can be related to the members and the narrator, they can see parts of them selves in him, so he goes through the same middle class problems, with middle class solutions. They practically live the same lives.

The reason i beileve tyler durden was such a great persuader is because first he was a man. Men are know to be strong and powerful but the reason he was about to be a lead is because he had a vision nthat he beileve in strongly and because of his belief in himself brain washed ours in following his ways

Tyler uses ethos throughout Fight Club as he establishes himself as a normal guy, just like the rest of them. The other men view him as a credible leader because he doesn't abuse his authority, he's only trying to help them. Tyler also uses pathos in that he provides the men an emotional release from their everyday lives through the Fight Club. He is persuasive enough to evoke action out of the men; they begin to do all of his homework assignments and literally "follow" him.

Tyler Durden appeals to the emotions of the members of Fight Club when he gives them his white collar speech. He tells them that they are the working class and they were brought up believing that they were going to be rock stars and movie stars, but in reality there not and that they are pissed off about it. This is his inspiration speech for them to fight that night.

Tyler uses his strong voice and character to persuade the narrator, the members of Fight Club, and the members of Project Mayhem. He persuades them by never struggling to find the words to say and just being very straight-forward and confident in his actions. Tyler employs rhetorical methods by analyzing society's faults and by appealing to the viewers emotions and logic. Tyler uses Pathos by persuading the narrator and the members of Fight Club to forget about material possessions and the American Dream. He does a great job of arousing emotions of frustration out of his audience by hitting the right spots in his speeches and also by recognizing who is audience is. In this case, it is a group of people in need of leadership and direction. He also uses Pathos by establishing a strong connection with the members of Fight Club. He demonstrates that he is going through the same injustices they are experiencing, mainly because they are all members of the same social class. Tyler employs Ethos and thus builds credibility by being the creator of Fight Club and by commanding respect from his audience. He has this aura of confidence and masculinity that others admire. When he speaks, everyone listens. Tyler has clear motives and he proves that he is not the only one benefiting from them. He is successful because he has style, commands authority, and is leading a group of lost individuals.

Tyler persuades the members by appealing to their emotions and feelings. When Tyler spoke to the members he seemed wise about what he was arguing about. These members believed he was an honest man and they trusted him. Tyler uses Pathos and Ethos. He proves his trust for example when the man that owns the bar comes down and fights Tyler. Tyler didn’t give up he fought for the members of fight club. “Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering……and we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.” This speech that Tyler gives makes him seem wise and appeals more to the members emotions and feelings. When you earn peoples trust that makes you more successful and a more tight nit group.