ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments

v. POPSMART: reading, writing & thinking critically through popular culture.

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Prompt #2
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kayleythomas wrote in uf_enc1101
Your prompt for Monday, should you choose to accept it (remember, you only have to respond to one per week; there will be another for Wednesday and Friday):

Watch TV. Read a magazine. Surf the internet.

At some point, you will run across an ad or a commercial. Probably many. Pick one that you think is interesting and describe it to me. Tell me who the company or person is behind it, summarize what the ad looks like/does/says, explain what rhetorical strategies that it uses to persuade its audience, and see if you can identify who the target audience is. Do you think the ad *is* persuasive? Why or why not?

Post your response here before midnight Sunday night.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And don't forget to read the selections on Logos and Logical Fallacies - which is, of course, a big part of enjoying your weekend, I know.

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It really was a Natastrophe...

I'm sure you all have seen them, the Natural Light commercials. Especially as a college student, cox entertainment loves shooting at least 2 or 3 beer commercials at us in one sitting. But this commercial is a special one. Its use of rhetoric is aimed at college students. It has the typical hot girl, and the guy that causes a "natastrophe" which is simply spilling over a can of beer which is infamous at college parties. So, with all that in mind, there goes those brilliant bastards of the beer company using some pathos on us poor innocent college kids. But oh well, lets not ramble on about this beer companies strategies that obviously work well, we all know we have a natty-caddy or two.



When i was watching TV i came across an advertisement about mascara. This advertisement is about how this specific mascara, with its vibrating brush, makes a woman's eyelashes look longer and thicker. The women on this commercial are selling an ad for Lancome. They have extremely colorful eyes and all of them are beautiful. This ad is trying to get viewers to buy the mascara. When i came across this commercial, it grabbed my attention right away because of how pretty these women were. This ad definitely appeals to the viewers emotions (Pathos) because the advertisement is trying to say that if you buy this mascara, you will look like these women. Not one of these women had brown eyes. They were either bright blue or green in color. This also appeals to the viewers emotions because the color stands out. It attracts your sexual appeal. This commercial is not only for female viewers, but more male viewers as well. Because these women are all so beautiful, men will want to buy this product for their girlfriends so they can look like these people on the advertisement.

I was flipping through a magazine, and found an ad for Ray Ban Sunglasses. The ad uses the colors neon pink, purple, orange and yellow for grab the readers attention. It is a close up of a person wearing a pair of Ray Ban glasses and has a strange camera filter on the picture to make it look like it is a negative of the photo. The caption reads " Never Hide." The ad uses different colors and a catchy logo to keep the readers attention. The advertisement uses ethos to appeal to the reader. Because they have a respectable brand name, Ray Ban uses that brand name to convey quality and style to the reader in the ad. Ray Ban also uses pathos in the ad to appeal to the emotions of the reader. By having fun and bright colors, a hip pair of glasses, and a slogan that makes people want to be themselves, the ad appeals to the emotional side of the reader, saying "Hey you can stand out and look cool in these glasses." I think the ad is persuasive because I stopped when I was flipping through the magazine. This ad did a nice job of getting my attention and making me think about Ray Ban sunglasses.

An interesting commercial I just saw was one for Progressive Insurance. The commercial starts out by having, Flo, the main helper in the store ask a women how may I help you in a very appealing way. The lady says I am looking for car insurance and she says she has a coupon for it. She starts looking and Flo says you know we have a lot easier way to save money on insurance. The customer is so interested and asks what it is. Flo says it is make your own price on insurance. The lady is so thrilled and Flo says it is like you being the CEO of a company. The lady buys the insurance. Flo uses many strategies such as being very energetic, being interested in the need of the customer, and really knowing what she is talking about. All three of these strategies lead to the customer buying the insurance. The audience is people who are looking for any type of insurance and this commercial is very persuasive. Knowing that you can save lots of money on insurance makes people very happy.

I was watching tv and I saw one of those stop smoking ads. It was a guy talkin to a group of college students it seemed like. The speaker asked them questions and everyone raised their hands because they liked what he was saying. Then the speaker said would you like to be responsible for millions of deaths in the US and all the hands went down. I think it was meant for all audiences just to raise more awareness of the cigarette businesses and how they are bad. I think it is a persuasive ad because it made me think when i first saw it. Then they kept showing it and it reminded me of what I thought about before.

amanda morningstar prompt #2

So the commercial i have choosen is the geico commercial with the money that watches you. Literally the money has eyes that stare at you and sing the song "it always feels like someone is watching me". It uses the way of money that you could be saving to persuade you that geico is the way to go. I just find it funny because it is money with big eyes and it just follows you everywere you go. It targets everyone that has car insurance that they should switch to save money and spend that money on other things more valiable. It is a pretty good commercial and quiet funny too.

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